Timour Hall Villa provides a unique environment for conferences and functions. Please note

  • We are licensed to sell liquor and no other liquor may be brought onto the premises for sale or consumption
  • The Villa building is out of bounds and is reserved for the use of paying guests in residence only
  • Parking on the tarred area surrounding the villa is reserved for the exclusive use of guests in residence and management.

The Villa is over 220 years old and is a Grade Two listed Provincial Heritage Site. We are also prohibited in terms of our lease from doing or allowing anything to be done that MAY be a nuisance or inconvenience to our neighbours. In view of this the following is NOT ALLOWED:

  • Dancing
  • Music, open-air bands or public address systems
  • Open flames
  • Decorating of any nature that involves drilling, nailing, tying on or gluing to the structure or any of the fittings of the Villa
  • Anything else that, in the opinion of the management, could be deemed unacceptable
  • No furniture may be removed from the conference room or function hall
  • Additional items of furniture may only be introduced after negotiation with the manager
  • Clients will be held responsible for leaving all areas clean, tidy and in the condition that they find it. Damages must be reported to management and made good. 
  • We do not allow children under 18 years of age without prior arrangement with the management. 
  • Gardens, the river and wildlife on the property are off limits and must NOT be interfered with. Parties failing to comply will be requested to leave the property
  • The cut-off time for activities is 22:00 (10 pm) 
  • We do not take bookings for Sundays or public holidays

Please contact us via email or our contact form in order to enquire about availability and ask for a booking form.

ALL reservations for accomodation, conferences and functions are handled via email only.
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