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Hello!  Hopefully we're welcoming you back, but if you're a first time visitor... we hope you'll come back often!

What a fantastic year we're having so far. Unfortunately we're still experiencing the after effects of the severe drought in Cape Town and so we're unable to water our lawns. Even with
the dry grass and the heat, the Villa is still a beautiful old lady and our guests are enjoying every minute of their stay.  If for no other reason than the much needed rains, we're quite
looking forward to the start of Autumn at the end of March. Cape Town never disappoints and from our base here at Timour Hall the world is your oyster! If you're heading our way
over the coming months, we'd like to welcome you in advance... we're looking forward to seeing you!


As you can imagine, there is always something that needs to be done around here and so we are combining our fundraising efforts with an option for friends of the Villa to be able to
make donations. These will be used for urgent repairs or bills. Please click on our PayPal Donate link to help out.  Every little bit helps.


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Until next time....

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of American States; International NGO maintaining operational relations within UNESCO and Europol.


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Timour Hall Classic Car & Bike Show

The main fundraiser for Timour Hall Villa is our annual Classic Car & Bike Show, held on the weekend of the second last Sunday in January each year.  Funds raised by this event are
used primarily in the maintenance and upkeep of the Villa, with a portion going to various charities selected each year. 


Visit our official Classic Car and Bike Show website at www.classiccarandbikeshow.co.za



Visitor Feedback

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free to either e-mail us on the address below, or sign our guestbook.  If you would like to take a look at previous guestbook entries, simply click on the
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